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Hand Made Collectable and Wearable Masks by Dalili, also Imported Venetian Masks

For Collectors, Mardi Gras, Halloween, New Year, Carnival, And Masked Weddings.

Now in New Orleans's oldest sky scraper

Mask Gallery

636 Royal St

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

U. S. A.

Phone 504-523-6664


After Katrina

Momas and Mask gallery are combined on royal street

and we are offering free shipping in U.S.A.



FEB 20, 2007

FEB  5, 2008

FEB 24, 2009

FEB 16, 2010

MAR  8, 2011

FEB 21, 2012

FEB 12, 2013

MAR  4, 2014

FEB 17, 2015